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City of Salford and Bolton Handball Clubs,

Salford, Manchester; and Bolton; England

Celebrations as Salford win Isle of Man Classic Tournament

Held over a weekend, the Isle of Man Classic tornament was again a success. With teams competing from England, Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man, a good time was had by all. Salford won through the early rounds, including a meeting with their friendly rivals from Liverpool (Hope), who they also eventually met once again  in the final.

In a close run game, Salford were eventual winners, and received the trophy that appeared at times to be permanently attached to the hands of team-member Paul Crawford, and it followed him like Mary's little lamb. Only when he loosened his grasp duruing the nights celebrations was it released, and was subsequently seen in several pieces rolling along the dance floor of a local night club where the team had assembled.

Thankfully, the component parts were retrieved from amongst the handbags of  those girls enjoying the music and dancing, and was reassembled. It is now in safe keeping, ready to be displayed back in Salford.

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The Victorious Team (top left to bottom right)

 Hutch, Neil, Dave, Adrian, Kris, Dennis, Goalie, Paul, Bill


A enthusiastic  fan congratulates the team on winning. Hutch (left) duly espouses the virtues of temperence and clean living, whilst Adrian (right) appears  interested in his bottle of beer and something more down to earth.


Beaten Finalists - Liverpool Hope


Paul, looking forward to the final. Later he had to be plied with numerous drinks and the promiseof a ride (in a BMW) before he would release his grasp on the trophy.

In good spirit following the triumph, somebody reminds Bill that it is tradition for the coach to pay for celebration drinks. The suggestion that Bill might buy a round seems to be a cause of some hilarity. Team (L-R) Hutch, Dennis, Adrian, Dave, Paul, Neil, Bill (even smiling himself) and Kris


Looking pensive as the pressure of having to buy a round of drinks shows, coach Bill tests the quality of the stiching of his Team Salford Shorts. Thankfully, they passed the test without problem, and everything remained intact.

Having wrestled the trophy from Pauls grasp (facilitated by the  distractions of the celbrations along with other things in the nightclub) the team admire the silverware, whilst Adrian strikes one of his sexy pouting poses for the camera. (L-R) Dave, Dennis, Adrian, Hutch, Kris

--- End of photographs ---

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